Monday, June 22, 2009

Hey Everyone~!

Hello all! Welcome to Sweet Melody! My name is Michele and I hope that this blog will be something very fun for everyone to learn about Japanese fashion and to get the scoop on all the cool updates happening here in America! :0

I will be attending Anime Expo 2009 this year and hopefully interviewing people wearing japanese fashion or who are fashion designers!! :) Please look out for me! I will also be participating in Artist Alley (I'm located at C53!) along with my best friend Agni. We will be selling various lolita inspired products for lolitas. I will also be selling some of my art! Please stop by and say hello if you can! Our official collaborative studio name is "Cute Candy Land: Parade of Dreams". We will be selling lolita jewelry, hair accessories, and other cute knick-knacks! Please check us out on Livejournal under the name; Candylanddream. We will be updating new items and news there! Let's share our love for lolita fashion!

(above: Gt. Neru from lucine. )
Here are a few things to expect from my blog very soon:
putting an outfit together
~updates of events in America (mostly California!)

So, a couple of nights ago, I spent the evening with one of my close friends; Megan and her older sister Ceece. Along with us, was their friend (my new found friend!) and visual kei guitarist; Nick (Neru) from the indies band; Lucine. All I have to say is that he is one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet!
Anyway, his band is performing LIVE for the first time ever next Sunday in Little Tokyo. For all the fashionistas of the visual kei assortment, this is an event that you must attend! It will be a blast I know. All in all, I'm totally stoked to see him perform live! If you get a chance to meet him, he likes to give lots of hugs and will buy you food! I'll be documenting the concert to the best of my ability and taking photo snaps!

Here are some of the other amazing events that are coming up very soon (all at Anime Expo 2009!)

Gothic jrock band; Moi dix Mois will be making a guest appearance at Anime Expo 2009! Moi dix Mois was formed by Gothic&Lolita icon; Mana. Mana is the main guitarist for Moi dix Mois and also runs his own gothic lolita clothing label; Moi-meme-moitie. His brand has deeply influenced the Gothic and Lolita aesthetic. Please check them out if you can!

In addition to this amazing band; Satsuki, vocalist of the

former visual kei jrock group Rentrer en Soi, will be perfoming a mini-live (scheduled July 4). Auncia, a more "toned down" jrock band will be having a meet and greet at the Cure Shop/Anime Jungle in Los Angeles during Anime Expo. Anyone interested in getting to know more about japanese fashion, japanese visual rock bands are the best way to get a glance at some of the types in action!

On top of all that, Jrock Revolution is hosting a Visual Kei Fashion Competition. Details on how to enter your design can be found at their website! And the coolest thing is that Satsuki and Auncia will be judging designs! (Maybe even Mana?!) Be sure to check out their panel for all sorts of j-fashion fun!

And saving my personal favorite for last, Starry Candy Box, the official reseller for the sweet lolita brand; Angelic Pretty will be an official vendor at Anime Expo! Please be sure to check them out and buy lots of AP! I know I will be!!! Cherry Berry Bunny here I come! ♥

Well, hopefully I can keep up with updates about more news in the upcoming days and weeks and then I will update with informative articles about each type/subgenre of j-fashion so it doesn't seem as confusing! This has been Michele signing off!

♥Michele ♥

Saturday, May 9, 2009

About Sweet Melody

Hello everyone! This is Michele! The creator of Sweet Melody. The video will explain everything!